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Hector Farms

There are over 380 farms in our town according to the last 2006 USDA info, some of them are listed below:
Link to NY Farm Info
Link to USDA NY Farm Info

If you own a local farm and would like to see it listed on this web page contact the webmaster

Barber Farm

Bear Farm - 4860 Satterly Hill Road Burdett
Sheep farm offering freezer lambs and ethnic lambs, antibiotic free - call for availability. We also offer high quality wool yarns made from our sheep - many beautiful colors available either at the farm or mail order. January-December

Beattie Farm

Bergen Farms - Bergen Road, Odessa
Mr. Bergen
Milking Dairy Herd is approximately 1150 cows, and crops

Bond Farms
Stephen Bond
- Route 414 Hector

Gilbert & Del Bond - Route 414 Hector

Budd Farm - Route 414 and Tichenor Road
Budd Adams
Horses, Cows, Grapes, Apples

Dalrymple Orchards- Route 414 Hector
Dalrymple Brothers

Ely Farm - Route 414 Burdett
Mr. & Mrs. Ely
Apples, Grapes

Engel Farm - Mathews Road Hector
Kim Engel

Gaige Farms - County Road 6 Alpine
Milking Dairy Herd, and crops

Gunning Farm
James & Martha Gunning - Route 79 Mecklenburg
Small Milking Dairy Herd, and crops

Hazlitt Orchards - Route 414 Hector
Jimmy & Sue Hazlitt

Hazlitt Brothers - Route 414 Hector

Muddy Fingers Farm
Matthew Glenn & wife Liz Martin
3859 Dugue Rd.
Hector, NY 14841
Organic produce

Murphy Farm
Mr. & Mrs. Murphy - Mathews Road Hector
Cows, Horses, Hay

Remembrance Farm - we are a certified organic and certified Biodynamic vegetable farm, specializing in salad greens and various root crops
Nathaniel and Emily Thompson
6294 County Road 1/Searsburg Road
Trumansburg, NY 14886

Seneca Valley Farm- Skyline Drive Burdett
Ed, John & Lance Gates
Milking Dairy Herd approximately 425, and crops

Woolgathering Farm - 4115 Newtown Road Burdett
Deva Maas and Eric Shatt
A small family-run homestead. We sell Hierloom Apples and Vegetables, eggs, Lamb meat and honey.

Taber Hill Farms

Wickham Farms & Orchards - Route 414 Hector
Mr. & Mrs. Wickham
Grapes, Cherries, Apples

Wickham Farms & Orchards - Route 5 Burdett
Mr. & Mrs. Wickham
Grapes, Cherries, Apples, all kinds of veggies, & flowers

Wickham Brothers - Route 414 Hector
Grapes, cherries, peaches, other fruits and veggies

Wolftree Farm
Jeromy Biazzo and Margaret Meixner
4041 County Route 2 Burdett, NY 14818
607-546-7968   info@wolftreefarm.com
sheep, chicken, eggs, honey etc.


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