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Welcome to our Town.  I invite you to explore our wonderful scenic area and enjoy the beauty and openness of this great place that we call home.

Ben Dickens, Town Supervisor
since January 1, 1996




The artwork above was created by Mike DeMunn, our local native artist, writer, Forester, and friend.

    Hector, New York, embraces an area of about ten miles square and is the southwest corner township of a former Military Tract, which forms the northeast corner town of Schuyler county. It is formed of many villages and hamlets including Burdett, Bennettsburg, Reynoldsville, Mecklenburg, Logan, and Valois.
    From the lake, on its entire western outline, rise rocky bluffs, nearly perpendicularly to the height of from 50 to 100 feet on the cliffsides, except the points of land that jut into it at the mouths of the various streams which empty into the lake. From this elevation the land rises in a gradual slope to from 500 to 700 feet above Seneca Lake, and from 1200 to 1400 feet above tide, with the highest elevation in the Town being on Burnt Hill at 1880 feet. The surface is a rolling upland, much broken by deep valleys and high ridges. The soil consists mostly of clay, or sandy and gravelly loam.  The inhabitants are mostly engaged in agricultural pursuits and family life.  On the western slope, bordering on the lake, the soil is particularly adapted to the culture of fruit, and much attention is given to the raising of cherries, peaches, plums, and grapes which are raised in large quantities and of fine quality.
The town has many creeks, one of which, Cranberry Creek which rises in the centre of the town, flows in a northwesterly direction into Logan Creek, on through the villages of Bennettsburg and Burdett, down over Hector Falls and empties into Seneca Lake.  Several other streams in the northwest part of the town empty into Seneca Lake, one which is Breakneck Creek near north Hector.  The other streams are Taughannock, and its tributaries Bolter and Mecklenburg Creeks, flow in an easterly direction through the town and unite in Ulysses, gliding along towards Taughannock Falls.

For more information, see our History section
or contact the Town of Hector
5097 NYS Route 227, Burdett NY 14818
Phone 607-546-5286 or email the Town Clerk Jane M. V. Ike

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