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Seneca Lake Byway, Inc.

SPRING Announcement 2012
Full version of the SLBI Nomination package submitted to DOT (PDF files) - - >

2012 NYS Senate Bill voting in the Seneca Lake Scenic Byway continued to 2012 in session for approval June 2012

2011 NYS Senate Bill voting in the Seneca Lake Scenic Byway continued to 2012 for approval PDF file

2010 Resolution Designating the Seneca Lake Scenic Byway as a NYS Scenic Byway PDF file


Nomination Document

Seneca Byway-Appendix-A
Seneca Byway-Appendix-B
Seneca Byway-Appendix-C
Seneca Byway-Appendix-D
Seneca Byway-Appendix-E
Seneca Byway-Appendix-F
Seneca Byway-Appendix-G
Seneca Byway-Appendix-H

Seneca Byway-Appendix-I



other maps available on request

Byway Route
Historic Markers
Land Cover

Parks and Ecotourism

FROM: Seneca Lake Byway, Inc.

Scenic Byway forms not-for-profit & Public Informational Meeting Scheduled Town of Hector – Seneca Lake Byway, Inc.
was formed recently as the not-for-profit entity to speed up the nomination process in getting eighteen (18) miles of Route 414 in Schuyler and Seneca counties designated as a scenic byway in New York State.
Barry O’Neill, of Lodi, was named chairman of the 6 member board. Directors include: Steven Getman, of Interlaken, Bruce Adams, Victoria Kelly, George Kellogg and Chris Kimball-Peterson, all of the Town of Hector.

The group hopes to get the route, which runs from the Town of Hector line through the village of Lodi in Seneca County, designated as a scenic byway in order to: 1) Protect the economic and aesthetic interests of the residents of both towns; 2) Enhance business enterprise, e.g. agriculture, winery, Bed & Breakfasts, restaurants and recreation; 3) Improve the safety of roadway/byway access for autos, bicycles and walkers; and 4) Provide incentive for more timely highway maintenance, as well as State and Federal grants.

The process, which includes a nomination to be sent to the NYS Scenic Byway Advisory Committee, has been in the works for 5 years. The proposed Byway was first mentioned in the Schuyler Comprehensive Plan as a recommendation to increase the economic development of Schuyler County. The West Hector Community Association then formed a Byway committee to oversee the proposal and nomination.
As the nomination was underway, a recommendation by the Department of Transportation and the State Scenic Byway Advisory Committee included the formation of a not-for-profit entity to be the project sponsor and to implement the Corridor Management Plan as required through the nomination process.

Purpose of the organization:
Protect the economic and aesthetic interests of the residents of both Hector & Lodi; support and maintain the Scenic Byway.

Who can join?
All residents of Hector and Lodi and property owners are welcome to join.  Anyone can attend our public meetings.


February 2012

Members of SLBI met with Assemblyman Friend at his office in Big Flats to go over the scenic byway package and provide support for the upcoming spring 2012 legislature meetings for final Senate Bill approval.

October 2010

We have heard from the DOT representative Mark Woods, that they are ready for us to make our final nomination package presentation to them. Tentative for November 9, 2010

April 2010

We have heard from the DOT representative Mark Woods, that they are finishing up their review and will send us their notes and full packet back to us within a couple of weeks.

~ ~ ~

The Town Board of Hector held a public informational meeting on
Monday, April 16th, 2009 from 7-9pm at the Valois-Hector-Logan Fire Hall
on Route 414

The purpose for this meeting was to present an overview on the scenic byway, solicit public input, and discuss passing a resolution in support of the Scenic Byway.

The resolution was passed and the nomination package was sent to NYSDOT. We are awaiting their review and response.


Presently the Seneca Lake Byway has periodic meetings at the Finger Lakes National Forest Headquarters on Route 414.

All meetings are open to the public.



Board of Directors

Barry O'Neill

Chris Kimball-Peterson,
Director & Treasurer

Steven Getman

Bruce Adams

George Kellogg

Victoria B. Kelly
Director & Secretary

How do I join?
You can contact the Seneca Lake Byway Inc. via
mail -
Barry O'Neill Lodi , NY   14841
Tphone - for more information e-mail

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