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A partial listing of burials at the Enfield Cemeteries can be found at the Tompkins County - USGenWeb New York State genealogy and history site - under cemeteries - Enfield: http://www.nytompki.org/

You may contact the Enfield Town Historian for look-ups in these cemeteries if you do not locate your family listed in the Tompkins County Site.


Driving Tour of Enfield Cemeteries

Christian Presbyterian Harvey Rumsey Summerton Woodard Teeter Budd Gibbs Rolfe


Enfield Elementary School - Millers Corners - 20 Enfield Main Road

Travel approximately 1/2 mile south on Enfield Main Road. The cemetery is on the right side of the road.
Burials: Judah and Lydia Baker one of the first settlers of Enfield, and a revolutionary soldier.  Oldest Recorded Headstone: Son of David and Rebecca Beach, who died September 7,1827. Two unique headstones to look for are that of Rev. Jabez Chadwick and Lyman E. Brown-Both headstones have a photo cover plate on the head stone the photos are no longer there.  This cemetery was associated with the Christian Church of Enfield (1821).

SITE 2: PRESBYTERIAN CEMETERY (Enfield Center Continue 1-mile south on Enfield Main Road the cemetery will be on the left side of the road Burials: The Bostwick family Andrew and Orson of Bostwick's Comers, settled in Enfield in 1820. John G. Wortman, settled in Enfield in 1816 their family owned Wortman Hall Enfield Center. This Hall was the original Presbyterian Church, which was located in front of this cemetery
Oldest Recorded Headstone: Bethiah Newman, wife of James Newman died March 30,1828

Continue approximately 3/4 mile south on Enfield Main Road to Harvey Hill Road. Turn right onto Harvey Hill Road and go 3 miles till you come to Buck Hill Road. Turn right onto Buck Hill Road and continue for approximately 1/2 mile. The cemetery is on the left side of the road. Note: This cemetery is in the Town of Hector but Enfield community residents are buried here
Burials: Samuel Harvey Family, settled in Enfield 1806. Oldest Recorded Headstone: John Ink who died August 28, 1815

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Travel south on Buck Hill Road to Harvey Hill Road. Turn left onto Harvey Hill Road and go 3 miles till you come to Enfield Main Road. Turn right onto Enfield Main Road
go approximately 1/2 mile to Trumbulls Corners Road. Turn right onto Trumbulls
Corners Road go approximately 1/2 mile to Rumsey Hill Road The cemetery is directly across from Rumsey Hill Road on the left side of Trumbulls Corners Road Burials: The James Rumsey Family, settled in Enfield in 1806   Oldest Recorded Headstone: Eliza. E. Fodner who died June 30,1816

Continue approximately 3/4 miles on Trumbulls Corners Road till you get to Hines Road. Go straight on Hines Road. The cemetery is well hidden so to avoid unnecessary searches we have included a story and the stone markings for this Cemetery.
This burial ground was originally marked with the existence of a vault. Unfortunately the vault is gone but the area is marked with a single headstone surrounded by many o1d varieties of trees and flowers. The stone has the following Summerton's listed as well as an Ervay John 1802-1891; Sally 1805-1890; Francis 1832-1913; Sophronia 1834-1906; E. Ervay 1865-1924
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Travel south on Hines Road to Woodard Road. The cemetery is on the right side of road almost to the State Park and not very visible.  There are few head stones here. This cemetery is in relation to the Keturah and Charles Woodard family of Enfield Falls, 1821. Oldest Recorded Headstone: Potty Ogden who died October 13,1826.


Travel east on Woodard Road turn left on to Upper Park Road go till you come to Enfield Falls Road. Turn right onto Enfield Fails Road go approximately 1 mile. The cemetery is on the left side of road. Please note this cemetery is on; property and it would be a good idea to communicate with the owners before crossing their land. Thank you. This cemetery is in the Town of Ithaca however. Enfield community residents are buried here.

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Continue on Enfield Falls Road south to Gray Road turn left onto Gray Road go approximately 1 mile. The cemetery is on the left side of the road.
Burials: John Budd Family, settled here in the early 1800's.
Oldest Recorded Headstone: Gilbert L. Rightmire son of Daniel and Tamer who died February 26,1834.
Unique Headstone: Henrietta Wickham grave is marked with tree trunk shaped headstone. Robert Wickham built and they operated the Enfield Falls Hotel.

Travel south on Gray Road to Colegrove Road Turn left onto Colegrove Road go I mile to Bostwick Road. Turn right onto Bostwick Road go for 1 mile, go pass Sheffield Road. The cemetery is on the left side of the road. This cemetery is in the Town of Ithaca however Enfield community residents are buried here. Oldest Recorded Headstone: Oscar, son of Nelson and Mary Bowlby who died March 10, 1840

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Travel west on Bostwick Road to Sheffield Road. Turn right onto Sheffield Road go 2 miles to Mecklenburg Road. Turn left onto Mecklenburg Road go 2 miles until you come to Applegate Road. Turn right onto Applegate Road go approximately 3/4 mile. The cemetery is on the right side of the road.
Jonathan Rolfe, settled here in 1806, created this cemetery near his home (Applegate Road) for the town. On June 10,1876 a number of towns people met and elected nine trustees; and a society was organized and incorporated as Rolfe Cemetery Association.
Burials: The Rolfe Family. John Applegate family of whom Applegate corners is named after. Oldest Recorded Headstone: Ephraim Rolfe, died May 27, 1818.

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            The Enfield Town Historian's collection has a listing of burials for each of these cemeteries. Contact Sue Thompson, Town Historian
REMINDER: Please be courteous and kind and obtain permission to cross private property to cemeteries. Although State Law says there is a right of way for access to these cemeteries, you should communicate with the property owners to find out what path to use. Thank you.

Remember these cemeteries are our past, present and future records of history please be kind\

DISCLAIMER: As with any written work, this piece is not exempt from mistakes. We are only human, and we used the sources that were available to us. There is omitted information but we hope no wrong information. If you can add to what is written here, please contact the Town Historian, Sue Thompson.